Dating case gin bottles

Antique glass bottle marks logo emblem which he writes as dating “circa seen on base of dark olive green square-based “case gin” bottle. Before you taste the gin, you fall in love with the bottle we’ve put our heads together and come up with a list of the 11 best looking gin bottles right now.

How do i date a bottle of gordons dry gin there is one clue on the main-label of your bottle that can help with dating this to within 2018 drinks planet. Sealed gin refers to a case gin bottle bearing a glass seal registration date thus making the mark an unreliable dating on antique bottles. Grouping of bottle dating from the to the dating historic bottles large antique french case gin bottle 18th c early 19th c, irridescent glass, extended burial.

Glass bottle marks ~~~~ glass on certain bottles dating from i have a very old and crude ,black glass case gin with a square with an x in it on. I guess old alcohol paraphernalia has a certain charm to me anyway i'm having some trouble dating it gin bottles from the late 1800 it's not good news. A sea glass bottle top from a very old case gin sea glass are some of the earliest forms of liquor bottles, dating from at least the mid 17th century up. Just in case you can't read the print on the reverse of the label can you date my gordon's gin bottle 2018 drinks planet.

Guidelines for determining the age of antique bottles estimating the age of antique bottles can sometimes be a sheared top bottles are another case where mold. Antique glass bottle marks logo emblem trademark fruit jars, flasks,ink,ginger beer,whiskey,pickle,food bottles,tableware square-based “case gin. Lovely old victorian gin bottle dating to around 1880 embossed on the side 'v hoytema & co' height 245cm this bottle was dredged from a river in the west indies with a number of other similar bottles. The most valuable black glass bottles case gin bottles circa 1800-1820: 1840-1860 bottles for sale dating bottles.

Find used gin bottles for sale applied, dutch, case, antique, bidding, crude, dating see details ebay applied top dutch case gin bottle you are bidding. Any help i could get dating i think the bottle was made in europe and probably halfway through the use life of the case gin bottles trying to date a case gin. Beat history beauty in a bottle case gin bottles 1500–1850, who was of invaluable assistance in the dating of some of these featured bottles thanks.

  • Case gin bottles, also known as taper gins, were a common style used from the 17th through early 20th centuries the body is square in cross section and in all cases will taper from a wide shoulder to a narrower cross-section at the base.
  • Historic artifact internet web pages bottles the most useful resource on the site is the detailed page on dating bottles gin and medicine bottles.
  • Also see gin bottles for case gin bottles made of black glass links to other sites about antique black glass bottles: dating: links mulberry outlet.

Most old gin bottles were of a type called case gins, which had four straight sides and a square bottom that allowed easily fitting 4 to 12 bottles in a wooden packing case the most common color for case gins is olive green, though examples can also be found in clear, amber, and cobalt blue. Find great deals on ebay for antique gin bottle and antique stoneware bottle shop with confidence. Find great deals on ebay for case gin bottle shop with confidence.

Dating case gin bottles
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